We Fight For Parental Rights

Padres Unidos AZ

Padres Unidos AZ is Arizona's largest Hispanic parent organization where we advocate for stronger families, better education, and safer neighborhoods.


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What’s Our Goal?

Our goal is to empower and educate Hispanic parents so that we can speak with one, strong, unified voice about the issues that are truly most important to our community, that is why we are PARENTS UNITED! We accomplish our work through hosting community events, engaging our elected leaders, and providing information and resources to parents directly. Some of the ways we help parents are by: *Hosting community events that provide positive, family-friendly entertainment. *Providing resources to families in need including food/meal support, back-to-school supplies, toy drives, and more. *Connect families with education experts on how to select the best school for your child and how to apply for and receive scholarships for children who may want to attend private schools, religious schools, work with tutors, and more. *Introduce parents to their elected leaders (or engage those leaders on your behalf) to directly advocate for policies that help the Hispanic community. *Working with law enforcement to ensure that our community and families remain safe and protected.

Parental Rights

Parent must do all they can to provide their children with the best opportunities to success, and power is in union and union make force! Together we can fight for the better future of our children and by helping each other we will keep be informed and equipped. Please text "PADRES"

We are not afraid to fight for parental rights. We rally and we fight for education for all. The power belongs to the parents.

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Together we can fight for the better future of our children.

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